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Summer is just around the corner and we all know that feeling when days become longer, warmer and we can sit in pub gardens having a little glass of whatever we fancy in the afternoon. We also start planning our events calendar and we all know that the UK is known for its music festivals. Every year there seems to be more and more options, ranging from larger festivals like Glastonbury to more local festivals like Walthamstow Village festival or Crystal Palace festival. The festival season has definitely become part of our British culture.

Without being the bearer of bad news and yes we all want to relax and have a good time, but unfortunately these festival months also brings with it many accidents, injuries and sometimes deaths.

Yes, a lot of these issues can be linked back to drugs and alcohol and we will get to that in a second, but we also need to remember that these are not the only problems we face. There are such cases of equipment falling on people, knocks, falls, broken bones, caused by crowd surfing, glass bottles being thrown.

Another issue is of course, drugs, according to a report by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), approx. one in 20 16-24 year olds say they have tried ecstacy in the past 12 months. The Global Drugs Survey found an increase among UK clubbers of 16% between 2014-2016.

So what can we do to lessen the impact of these injuries, accidents and overdoses. Sometimes it can take a while to seek the help we need in a big festival and often if something happens to a friend or we come across someone who is in need of our help, we do not always know how to respond. We also have to bear in mind that in a festival setting, in big crowds, it is not always easy for security, paramedics, security to get to the individual in need of help and that is when the general public could actually come to help in these situations.

We all can benefit from having first aid training to help others in these situations. We often think of first aid training as something that is required by nurses, companies and security staff. Actually, this could not be further from the truth, if more individuals took the responsibility upon themselves to seek this type of training, you never know when it could come in handy. You could be the one that helps save a friend, loved one or even a stranger that is in desperate need of help.

All First Aid training provide many different courses to suit your needs, for individuals we offer a General First Aid course which is aimed towards situations where training is needed but does not need to comply with HSE rules. Also this course has no set minimum time requirements, which makes it a flexible course for all. The course covers primary and some secondary skills allowing the flexibility to add extra specialised subjects where needed.